Samsung announces 4TB variant of its popular 990 PRO SSD

Samsung announces 4TB variant of its popular 990 PRO SSD

Let’s face it, when it comes to solid state drives, Samsung’s offerings are some of the most reliable. That is why many people trust that company’s SSDs to store their important data. Today, Samsung unveils a new 4TB version of its wildly popular PCIe 4.0 990 PRO SSD.

The heart of this new 4TB offering is the eighth-generation Samsung V-NAND (V8) technology. Paired with an enhanced proprietary controller, this SSD is designed to handle almost anything you throw at it, from 3D/4K graphics work to data analytics.

While 4TB of storage is great, there are already other drives on the market with that capacity. What makes the 4TB variant of the 990 Pro so exiting, you see, is the reliability. The drive series provides total bytes written (TBW) ratings of up to 2,400TB for the 990 PRO series. That’s a figure that screams both longevity and reliability.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy the 4TB 990 PRO SSD today. Heck, you can’t even buy it this month. Actually, Samsung says it won’t be available until October. The drive will eventually be sold here for $344.99 without a heatsink or $10 more than that with one.

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Author: Kenneth Henderson